Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Plant shopping

Callie had a big outing today shopping for new plants for the front yard. We drove just over a half an hour to the nursery which is a big deal for Callie to tolerate the car that long. She has been crying in the car recently, screaming sometimes the entire ride.
So we made it to the nursery and walked around to pick out plants for an hour and drove home stopping for lunch. Pretty impressive that she actually cooperated the entire time.
We have a new wrap as well. Baby wearing part 3. The prior wrap was great but really warm for San Diego. The new wrap is made of bamboo and cotton blend that is breathable and much cooler. I have to say it does make a big difference because even inland in the sun I felt much cooler so I am sure Callie was more comfortable too.
Here we are with our new plants. Callie is snug as a bug but she's under that pink hat with the bow :) keeping the sun off her fair skin.

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