Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More GG magic

So the result of GG magic from yesterday day was that Callie slept in her bassinet for 2 full hours straight last night! Granted she was sleeping on her tummy which is a no no but so is sleeping in bed with me. She proved she can turn her head when we put her down turned left to stretch her neck and since she prefers right she just lifted up and turned to the other side. So im not too worried about her on her tummy for now.
But here was the new magic for today. I had given up on the pacifier because it seemed to make her more mad than anything and was a lost cause. Well today while I was out weeding the flowers GG calmed her from crying and got her to take a new pacifier, I think it's gumdrop but we have so many I can't be sure. Then again tonight she got her to take it again and actually suck for 10 minutes! That's a new record. Long way to go to self soothing from a pacifier but I'm still hopeful.
Now we need some GG magic for the car because the newest thing has been screaming in the car. I am really missing the days where as soon as the car moved she passed out cold because it makes it very difficult to go anywhere with a screaming child. Let's hope tomorrow because we have plans to go plant shopping for the front of the house.

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