Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Day Apart

Callie spent most of the day with grandma Nena and uncle Christian. It was nice to have a break but I was thinking about her a lot.
Grandma said she was an angel all day and she took the pacifier! I tried again at home tonight with no success :(
Callie played and watched her mobile in her crib. She really enjoyed it so we will have to get one for home.
All in all a successful day but all the packing was tough and I forgot a vital thing... Parts of my pump! So halfway through the day when I needed to pump I couldn't! I had to drive to Walmart to get a manual hand pump because I never would have made it the whole 8 hours.
Tuesday I go back to work and Callie will be staying with grandma 3 days a week. I better get used to packing and getting ready. This morning I was 30 minutes later than my scheduled leaving time and I had my mom and dad here to help. While I am NOT excited to go back to work at least I know Callie and I can both survive through a day.

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