Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sick again!

I feel like someone is always sick. Every time I think we are good something else happens. Yesterday I got a call from Callies school to come pick her up as she was crying and saying her ear hurt a lot. When I got there she was a mess and had clearly been crying awhile. She wouldn't walk and burst into tears while I carried her to the car. I couldn't get her in to the dr so I brought her to urgent care and she has TWO ear infections. But after some Tylenol and starting antibiotics she seemed better. Grandma offered to keep her for the morning while I worked since she can't go to school. She was great when I picked her up. But then after nap time she was a mess again, fever lethargic and not feeling well. She refused to eat dinner or even a Popsicle then proceeded to vomit two separate occasions. But then she turned a corner and was hungry, ate, had her medicine and seems much better. I can't really tell since she is on this roller coaster illness but hopefully she is better fast! Poor Callie :(
Diego is feeling just fine and I have two photos of him being silly. He plays with the pop up animal toy and says "open" "open". Then he makes a big mess eating his own yogurt with his spoon like a big boy. He actually does a good job considering he misses his mouth quite a bit ;) hopefully D doesn't get Callies illness but he probably will. It's the problem with being he little brother.

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