Saturday, August 22, 2015

Princess for a day

The Bonita High School music department put on a Princess Tea Party today as a fundraiser. The princesses visited Callie's preschool and handed out brochures as an advertisement. Once Callie saw them she really wanted to go. So Grandma and I took her out to be Princess for a Day. It was a great event and well planned out except the name as tea wasn't served. Callie of course noticed that the drink served was lemonade and not tea and wanted to know where her tea was. Besides that it was really great. The whole gym at the high school was transformed into a very festive room, it looked like a wedding for 5 year olds. We lucked out and when split into groups she had group leaders of Priness Ana, Elsa, and Mulan. She was so excited to get to be with Elsa and Anna and I could see some of the other little girls disappointment to be in groups with the "less familiar" princesses. Those were the princesses I loved as a kid, so it made me feel old that the little girls wanted nothing to do with them.
We watched manic shows, musical numbers on stage, made tiaras, got Callie's first makeup EVER, had a dance party and story time. Callie had a blast and it was really fun to watch her. Here's some shots from the day. Check out that makeup! Even tonight she said, my lipstick is still on right? I said yes I still see it there a little bit ;)

I love this face showing off her makeup, totally hysterical, make up definitely improved the look!

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  1. The last picture is my fav. Growing up, miss you guys!


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