Sunday, August 16, 2015

Callie under water

Callie has been taking swim lessons for the last two months on and off. I wasn't sure that it made much of a difference as they were spread out and we had to cancel several times. She still hates to get her ears wet and had been saying she didn't want to go underwater and just preferred her swimmies. But then today miraculously I got her to go under while swimming in the hot tub. I may have encouraged her by commenting how well her friend Kaitlyn can go underwater which then gave her something to prove. She's a girl after my own heart, don't challenge her or she will prove you wrong. Once she did it a few times she was really confident and did it again when Juan came out to see her. Hooray for swim lessons with April. In just 4 sessions she taught her this. Now we need to focus on the back float as she still doesn't like that much.
Diego also loves the water but I don't get any photos of him because every second I have to be helping him or he will drown. He has zero fear and will go right under water and even then still goes back for more! So instead of a photo swimming, I have a photo of him eating a pear.... Whole! He eats nectarines and pears whole. He can't manage the apple fully but he sure tries and gets some good bites in.


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