Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yard Sales and Selfies

Callie has been having a lot of difficulties with her breathing still. We brought her to the allergist last week and she has a really bad dust mite allergy. So on our list of things to do was have a much cleaner house, get rid of all the stuffed animals, cover the mattresses and pillows, and do a big clean up. All last week I cleaned and made a huge pile of stuff we needed to get rid of. So we had a big yard sale today! Callie was a trooper about selling all her things as you can imagine she didn't want to. But it did help they have been out of her room for over a week already. We were able to sell nearly every item we had out in only 3 hours! It was very successful! Mostly thanks to Juan who was wheeling and dealing in Spanish.
Hopefully the clean environment, allergy covers, hepa filter, and all the changes make a big difference for her. If you are reading this I am specifically asking you to NOT buy her any more stuffed toys as she won't be able to keep them. :(
Since it was so hot we went to the mall to cool off and beat the heat. We played on the indoor playground and got lunch.
In the afternoon it was sweltering. When the sun finally started to set we were outside enjoying the cooler air and took a group selfie with crazy faces. Callie thought this was hysterical. She even took one of just herself.
And last but not least Calloe and GiJu singing you are my sunshine at story time this afternoon.

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