Thursday, July 16, 2015

Beach Party

I haven't written much if anything about Callie's saga with high blood pressure. It was first noted at her three year check up and has persisted as very high over the last few months. She is going through a full work up to check and make sure there isn't a major cause. It's been stressful and coordinating all these appointments is not easy nor fun for Callie. We finally got to the point of more advanced tests. Today was her echocardiogram and she had to be sedated for it. So we were to keep her up very late at night and also wake her very early in the morning so she would be overtired and sleep during the entire procedure.
What do you do to keep a 3 year old up 4 hours past her bedtime? Well you plan a beach party to watch fireworks with friends. Yep on a Wednesday night :) we had a fabulous time with the fire, sand, water, tent, smores and fireworks! Kristen came down with her kids and added to the fun. Thanks for being a good sport and making a not fun experience into something special for Callie. She sure had a great time and will talk about it for a long time to come. I also really enjoyed having some special time with Callie amidst the not very fun times of doctors appts. It was a really fun night and we planned it just the night before.
Now we wait for the results and get some rest!

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