Thursday, July 2, 2015

Moving up a class

This week Callie moved up to the 3 year old class at preschool. It was a little delayed as they were waiting for other kids to move up so there was space for her. I wasn't sure how she would do but she did great! The first day she got an award for positive attitude and her new teacher Linda said she had a great week. Callie really likes Linda and all her new classmates. It seems great that the kids are older and she is learning and doing more being with the bigger kids. She's growing up so fast! Here's her new school photo. This year she picked out her own outfit and even picked the photo she liked. I tried to talk her into others but she has a strong opinion. Can't fault her for that, she gets it from her mom!
Also today Callie rode her bike all the way to the Farmers market. About 3 blocks!! We bought strawberries and ate some in the market. Daddy picked us up on the rise home which is good because it was hot and Callie was getting tired.

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