Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What's new with D?

I feel like I have neglected Diego lately. I was so focused on figuring out Callies issues I haven't mentioned all the new things Diego does.
He talks a LOT! He says: hi, bye, thank you, gracias, up, no, yes, doggy, Callie, mama, mommy, papa, dada, snack. He also repeats a lot of words if he hears you say something.
He wants to walk up and down the stairs. He does ok with a single step. He's still getting the hang of it but uses our fireplace hearth as a practice step. I got him on video today.
He no longer drinks from a bottle and doesn't drink any formula. Only regular milk and water in straw cups.
He plays pretty well with Callie and copies a lot of things she does. He LOVES anything with water and outdoors or dirt/mud. He favorite inside things are cars and balls. However he has a bear he sleeps with and carries around everywhere. Sometimes he puts it in the baby highchair Callie has and pushes it around. It's pretty cute.
His favorite foods are anything bread or sweet. He loves dessert!
Music makes him dance and he has some interesting dance moves. When we laugh he laughs back at us. And he loves to copy people, when Callie coughs he coughs back at her, barks at the dog, and wipes and sniffs his nose like Juan.
He's a funny little guy with quite the growing personality.

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