Friday, July 17, 2015

Good News Friday

Let's just break the good news first! I got to speak with an office assistant from the cardiology office who told us the results of Callies ECHO were normal! The cardiologist is away on vacation for a few weeks so we won't hear more details from him, but a label of normal is good enough for me.
Juan took some time off work so we could do something fun with he kids after all the chaos and stress lately. We went to the beach and met up with Christian and Ford and also Grandpa stopped in to eat lunch. Diego loves the water. We couldn't keep him out of the water until he was shivering and then I made him get out. After nap time we went out for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and celebrated the good news. And tonight I'll sleep just a little more deeply and rested knowing Callie's heart is ok.

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