Friday, April 17, 2015

Two in the tub

Diego has become too dangerous for the baby bathtub but he sure loves "swimming" with his sister in the big tub. I snapped a quick on of the two of them this afternoon.
In the morning Callie and I finally completed our LT memory project. I printed some photos of her and LT over he past few years then let her cut them out for our homemade photo frames. We laminated the photos since it's just regular paper. She has gotten really good with the scissors. She actually cut around  most of the photos accurately. She did cut through her head on one but it's still cute. I tried to let her do it all by herself without helping or "fixing". She was proud plus this was her project for her so however she wanted it was fine. We then made some frames out of Popsicle stick and glue. I had to help this one as she couldn't understand how you glue them together and make the shapes but with a little direction she did most of it. They turned out better than I expected and she picked her favorite one to put next to her bed so she can remember LT anytime she wants to. She misses him for sure but she is doing really well with it. All these memory projects and talking about LT in heaven seem to help me cope as well, a nice side effect to helping Callie cope.

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