Sunday, April 19, 2015

Callie's pirate party

Today we rested, recovered, and cleaned up from Callie's pirate bash. Everyone had such a great time. It was a whirlwind but Callie was thrilled with the whole day and had a great time. A huge thank you to our wonderful family who made this day come to fruitition and all our friends and family who came to celebrate. Amidst the cleanup Callie got to play in the jumper one last time which was a lot of fun with us adults in there with her. We also ate cake again! And Callie unpackaged all her presents from the day. I think the favorite toy was Baby Alive. She was thrilled with this drinking and peeing baby. I on the other hand think it's a big pain! We've gone through 10 diapers or more in the first day! Luckily I had some leftover tiny ones from when D outgrew them but even size 1 is too big. So my new genius plan is to sew up some fabric diapers.they will get wet, but it's just water, so then she can change her and let the others dry. So I took Callie to pick out some fabric for the diapers, she picked Olaf from frozen (there wasn't much selection, so it was really her only choice of anything cool). I am thrilled with all the clothing she got. Tons of comfy cute clothes for the spring summer and fall. Which means I won't have to buy her any clothes until winter comes. 
So you must be dying to see the photos by now right? Ok ok, here they are:

I made this cake and it has no eggs! I was pretty proud of how well it turned out and of course Callie loved it!

This was super easy and cute, I would totally recommend this to anyone.

Callie pirate layout. I forgot to get a photo of the backyard with all the nice table decorations. You can see the table in the distance with the pirate map message in a bottle and blue and red tables. They were super cute.

This is the best family photo we got.... Yea, that good...

Pirate friends waiting for their treasure hunt

Pirate Matthew

Pirate Brycen

Pirate pals

Callie and her treasure

Sword fight!

Callie's pirate tattoos

Daddy and D

Yummy cake

Opening presents in sunglasses

The reaction to Baby Alive. She was laughing telling everyone this is the peeing doll!!

Playing with her new toy cell phone gift with Karla

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