Saturday, April 4, 2015

11 Months Old

Thursday Diego turned 11 months old. I was too busy to get around to photos and writing about his current interests and skills so I waited for the weekend.
So what's D up to at eleven months?

He still crawls with the one sideways leg but pretty quickly. He can stand for awhile but prefers to crawl. When we try to get him to walk he just gets down and crawls whenever he is trying to get. Diego is a little dare devil though and loves to crawl up and down the fireplace hearth., the single step in our home and in and out the deck door. He goes back and forth over and over and somehow finds that fun. He also crawls under everything. His favorite is under the stools at our counter but he gets stuck frequently and cries.
While he hasn't made any progress in his gross motor skills he definitely has in his speech. His favorite word is Daddy which he says like Daadeeee. But this week he has also learned Callie, PaPa and MaMa! Callie is somewhat similar to daddy but I can tell it's different. The other hysterical thing he does is if he wants to eat something he sees, usually something you are eating, he makes this clicking sound with his mouth. It's the way he tells you he wants something and he only does it for food. It's pretty adorable.
He is a much pickier eater than Callie was. His favorite food is bread. I give him a variety of food and mix it together but he picks out all the bread.
Something really exciting for me is that Diego isn't taking any more medicine! He has been slowly weaned off all his medicines and is doing great with no reflux or constipation. I even have him drinking regular dairy based formula. The next step is to let him eat actual dairy like cheese. That's coming this week sometime. He hasn't been sleeping through the night much but has been sick most of the month so I have been going down if he cries. Hopefully when all the kids are finally well we can get back to full nights of sleeping.
Before I know it he will be one year old! Time is flying by.

And don't forget about Callie. She's hosting floating tea parties and splashing around!

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