Saturday, April 25, 2015

New firsts for Callie

Callie had a lot of new firsts these last two days. I was so busy yesterday I never got around to posting it. I had a dentist appt and I brought cCallie with me. The dentist keeps encouraging me to bring her so she sees how it goes and won't be scared when it's her turn. He takes a quick look in her mouth but otherwise she doesn't have an actual cleaning. She colored him a picture before we went for his wall, we picked a tooth brushing doc mc stuffins one. Notice that she wrote her own name and has all the letters. This is the way I've seen her do so far. We have been practicing.
Of course Dr Jim hung it up on his wall and let Callie press the buttons for the auction and even press he button to take my X-rays. That was a good distraction actually because she had to leave the room for that anyways so letting her press the button is ingenious. She was watching everything and asking a ton of questions. Then she says I am going to work here when I get older. And she wanted to play pretend dentist at home afterwards. Successful dentist visit.
During the day I took her "window shopping" and bike trailing as PaPa Ed will be here soon and said she could go to the toy store and pick out something for her birthday. She has so many toys I am trying to push an active useful something, like a bike. She can pedal the tricycle but it just isn't fun to go further than down the street. It's too hard to pedal it farther. So she tried a bike for the first time and she can do it !!! I was so proud. She picked one she wants, it's Doc McStuffins. I tried to talk her into a gender neutral one so that D can have it after her but no such luck.

Then today she went to her first Padres baseball game with Juan, Christian and Jorge. She was so happy and hyped up when she got home. She had a blast even desire the cold and rainy weather. Next time we will aim for a day game.

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