Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grass haircuts

Callie has a green thumb! She's been growing grass hair this past week and today she gave it a haircut. Who knew growing grass was so fun. She is also growing sunflowers that started as seeds back in January. Now they are just blooming :)
Today was our first mommy and me ballet class. Callie was shy and wasn't too sure. She at one point said mommy this is too hard and all the other moms got a goodnight. She isn't the youngest one so we weren't struggling the most but we were a close second. Eventu towards the end Callie enjoyed some of the activities. And I think even though it wasn't a huge success it was a success because she wants to go back again. Now we just need to get her a ballet outfit as she liked the ones that some of the other girls had. They aren't mandatory but they sure are cute and fun.
Otherwise all my free time is being devoted to working on projects for Calliea birthday. I can't show you all my progress but I'm excited for the results.

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