Monday, August 26, 2013

The end of mommy and Callie Mondays

Today was my last Monday home with Callie. Next Monday is Labor Day and then I will be working on Mondays now. While I am sad to give up Mondays I really can't be sad as there is so much more good coming out of this deal. I have been pretty quiet about this until I was sure it was going to happen..... But I am officially working part time starting September 6th! Eek Callie and I will have even more time together. I will be working 30 hours still but my days start at 6:30 so I will get more time with her before bed. My new work schedule is 2 long days but still getting out 1-2 hrs earlier than I do now and 2 half days with Fridays off. I am so excited to be able to have this opportunity. I owe a lot of people for this. First off my ever loving and supportive husband who said what ever would make me happy he would make work even though that means he has to get up early and drop Callie off 4 days a week. My very supportive boss who found a way to make this position part time and work for me and Callie. And a thank you to my friend who vacated this position (full time) to give me somewhere to move to on the same level.
I do have to drive farther and I also have to leave all my staff and families at work to sit in an office building and process paperwork all day. My fancy new title is therapy consultant but I basically do similar duties to what I have now except for a much larger population of kids that I don't know in person.
I am really excited and I think Callie will be thrilled as well. She cries everyday I have to leave for work and Mondays she holds my neck right all morning until she knows I am staying home for sure. I will treasure each extra minute I have with her.

Anyways on our last Monday home together we were crafty. I made a new larger bib with waterproof backing and plastic snaps. I am going nuts with small bibs that don't cover and then those with Velcro that ruin everything in the wash. So when you can't find something you like, make it yourself! And on top of that I made 2 cloth diapers with waterproof backing. I was hoping to clear up some of her eczema on her inner thighs that seems to be right at the edge of the diaper. I don't even know what is causing it but Ill try anything. I was really proud of myself and they look pretty good too. They fit ok but they don't pass the test. Both of them leaked out the leg seams. I don't know exactly what I need to make them better, I think more absorbent layers on the inside. For home they at least give her a break from the regular stuff and don't leak too terribly. Ill try again I guess. At least she looks cute!

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