Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Kaitlyn

Today was our friends Jason and Tammy's little girls first birthday party. It seems pretty incredible to me that just a few years back these parties were so different, none of Juan's friends had kids and it was so laid back and all about the beer and food. Now there were about 10 kids and I would say 8 of them were under the age of 2! Needless today there wasn't to much sitting back and relaxing. Kaitlyn is walking and was really enjoying her party. She ate a ton of cake and made a big mess! It was a really hot day which was tough for Callie but she found the water to keep cool. We played in the water table and then we hosed down the jumper so it wasn't too hot. It made it like a slip n slide and jumper in one. Poor Kaitlyn is too nice to Callie even when she is rough. Callie thinks its fun to wrestle and sit on people like she does with mommy and daddy at home but this carried over to babies! Oops, we taught her a bad thing I think.... Poor Kaitlyn I had to go in and rescue her.
Callie had a fun day even though we were hot and sweaty at least we weren't covered in frosting like Kaitlyn.

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