Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jeana & Christian get married!!

Wow what an amazing day we had today. We found out the exciting news on Thursday night that Callie was going to be a cousin! Jeana and Christian are having a baby! And then today they got married! It was a perfect little ceremony in Orange County with just close family. Jeana was a beautiful bride and stunning in her dress. It is amazing to me that she pulled all this together in just 1 day! What an amazing planner she is, but she must be exhausted. The ceremony was outside and the weather was sunny but not too hot. The grounds were very pretty and we took some good photos. We had a nice lunch next door and then headed back to San Diego. Callie was an angel the whole day, sleeping in the car and behaving all day. I am thrilled to have another baby in the family and couldn't be happier to call Jeana my sister in law! (Although I already have been calling her that for over a year, he he, I knew it would happen eventually). So we have another Mrs. Chavez and another Chavez baby on the way, exciting I know!! Eeeek! So exciting,  Here are some great shots from the day. Jeana and Christian thanks for letting us share in your special day. We love you guys! Congrats!

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