Monday, August 19, 2013

Callie's new blankie

 Today we got a package in the mail.

I didn't open it right away, I just set it aside on the counter as it was from GaGa and Callie was sleeping. I waited until the afternoon and then she spotted it and immediately wanted to open it, saying open open. So we took down the box and opened it. What ever did GaGa send us?
She started to pull it out....
And it's a blankie!
But not just any blankie. It came with a note. This blankie was originally hand quilted by GaGa's fathers great aunt. It was originally made for GiGi when she was a baby but she only quilted the front and never finished it. GaGa finished it before I was born but then my mom never used it. So for the last 50 years no one has used this beautiful hand quilted blankie. Little did I know Callie was going to be very excited about this blankie. The only bad news is it smelled very musty like a basement, likely because that's where it has been for 50 years.
It's made from pieces of old aprons. Some of the fabric is very different. My favorite one is a small dog print.
I took it away after this as it was nap time and I planned to wash it. Callie started crying and was so upset! I had to convince her with her new favorite book to forget about the blankie for now. The new favorite book is if you give a mouse a cookie. She keeps saying cookie cookie and we even read it 4 times before bed tonight!

So I decided to wash the blanket since she wanted to play with it so much. Unfortunately it didn't hold up that well in the wash and got a few minor holes. I will fix them up this week. It does smell much better so I have to say it was worth it even if it resulted in a few small holes. Thanks GaGa for passing down a piece of family history. Callie likes it even if she doesn't understand the family significance.

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