Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dog Beach!!

Ocean Beach Dog beach has got to be one of Callie's favorite places ever. We drive all the way there (nearly 30 minutes, I know you east coast people think that's close) to get drinking water for our house. I swear it's the best water around and totally worth the visit even if its a drive. Callie knows as soon as we are in the parking lot where we are and starts screaming and pointing dog!! There are dogs everywhere, especially on the weekends. Today was really crowded we actually had to wait for a parking spot to open up. Callie was so excited the entire time we were there. She was actually getting several doggy parents to just watch her as she was quite entertaining today besides her usual running in the water trying to swim and being very friendly with other people's dogs, today she was screaming in happiness and running in circle while the dogs ran around playing around her. People couldn't help but laugh at her. I wish I took a video but I was soaked and just trying to keep her corralled from running out into the water. At one point she actually dove face first into the ocean and I had to save her. I thought she was going to be upset and scared but as soon as I wiped off he face and she caught her breath he was ready to go back in. This kid has no fear! She had a great time as always and we all went home exhausted, me soaked, Callie in a tshirt dried off and Juan toting around all our stuff. The only photo we got was right before we left. Can you tell she had fun?

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