Sunday, April 24, 2016


Callie has asked about real earrings for a long time. I told her they used a needle and it hurts so when she is ready and can take care to clean them I would take her. Last year she said no I'll wait I don't want it to hurt. But then this week she turned 4 and she says I'm big I'm ready for earrings. I asked her a bunch of times and reiterated that it hurts but she insisted she wanted them. So today we took her! I tried to take her to a real piercing place that uses needles in a sterile environment but no tattoo parlor or body piercing place would take a 4 year old. So I took her to the mall. They did a good job. She was so brave and didn't even cry. She's growing up fast. She's so excited about her earrings. She picked blue like Elsa and we got white gold for her sensitive skin. What do you think?

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