Thursday, April 7, 2016

Deserved Fun

Callie has been having difficulty hearing for the past few months. I finally brought her to ENT after waiting for an appointment and calling to get in sooner. Turns out she has persistent fluid behind her ear which is likely what is making it difficult to hear. The doctor thinks she should get ear tubes to help relieve the build up and help her hear better. So today we scheduled her hearing test and will wait to schedule her surgery. It may sound scary but it's a simple surgery that I think will really help her.
Since we drove to a far away appointment and she dreads more doctors and procedures I promised some fun. We stopped by the wild animal park in the drizzly rain to see the butterflies before the exhibit closes and feed the birds. One bird even landed on my head. Then I took her out to dinner and to play at the indoor mall playground. She was so happy to have special fun time and was really good about being agreeable to more appointments for her ears. She's already making special plans for the next appointment she has to go to.

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