Sunday, June 7, 2015

Whirlwind in CT

Things have finally calmed down for our crazy vacation. After the first day here Callie got very sick. She suddenly was having trouble breathing with coughing and wheezing and was not well. We took her to the ER and she had breathing treatments that helped her right away and they sent her home with an inhaler since we didn't think to bring hers on vacation. However by the morning she hadn't slept more than 2 hrs all night and we rushed her back to the ER when she again was having even more trouble breathing with shortness of breath, inability to eat, vomiting and terrible wheezing. At this point she was really struggling and they took her straight from the waiting room check in desk to an area for immediate treatment by a doctor and team of 3 nurses. We had great support and care from all of them and we stayed for quite a few hours with three breathing treatments, steroids, allergy mess and a chest X-ray. It was very scary to see her like this but the ER was great in ensuring she received the best care. they believe this was all asthma related to a change in location and high allergen content in CT right now. she improved and we took her home for a nap but unfortunately returned for a third visit in 24 hours for additional wheezing despite inhaler use and all the meds. At this point they decided she could possibly also have pneumonia and had a fever so they also added an antibiotic since she was still struggling. We were supposed to leave for the wedding in PA but of course couldn't leave Callie. We stayed until she had improved enough that she was acting normal and left her just for Saturday and Sunday to drive to the wedding and return today. She did fine with GiJu and PaPa and is doing pretty well now. She still has three medications and an inhaler to take everyday but is overall ok. We will have to follow up with her allergist and pediatrician when we return home for a future plan but are thankful for the care we received quickly here when she needed it most.
Juan and Ihad a great time at the wedding and more photos to come but here's a few from the hospital (Callie wanted to show her dinosaur mask) and the wedding. Hopefully the rest of our trip is more relaxing and less eventful! I'll share more photos of Callie and Diegos fun while we were gone tomorrow.

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