Sunday, June 14, 2015

Home again

We made it home! I know you are probably wondering what happened to me.... My phone took a minor splash and was out of commission during a drying period. But don't worry it's good as new and I still have lots of photos:)
So here's what you are going to see:
1. Buddy the pony again, this time at Peggy's house and driving in a carriage. This is the first time I have ever actually driven a cart and it was fun since Callie and I could go together and I even got GiJu in on the fun. Callie got PaPa Ed to pretend he was a horse too!
2. Dinosaur Park- we didn't actually look at the dinosaurs or explore much of the park. The kids just loved the water park splash pad and we didn't do anything else besides that. They had the most fun here and I can say this was the highlight of the trip. The kids were just in love with playing on the water. It was great as they had all different things for kids of all ages. Diego was a trooper and wasn't afraid to get wet at all, sprayed in the face and all!
3. Parachute play with Kim. Kim drove down from NH to see us for just one day and brought lots of fun toys for Callie. She loved doing the parachute with everyone.
4. Ice cream at Buttonwood on our way to the airport. Mmmmm both kids and especially me loved it!
5. Videos! I have quite a few videos of events too including an older one of Diego dancing.
We had so much fun in CT visiting family and friends and just enjoying life. I won't lie it isn't easy to travel and squeeze all these things in with such a short time. Traveling home was pretty terrible with two overtired kids who didn't want to sleep and there was a lot of crying on the plane. Until the kids can be a little better at traveling we won't be planning another cross country adventure anytime soon. But we open our door to anyone from back east that wants to come and visit us! Today we are catching up on sleep and getting back to our routine before tomorrow's work and school. 

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