Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Amos Lake

It was finally a warm day in CT. We took the kids to Amos Lake to swim. I've been coming to this lake "beach" since I just learned to swim and somewhere have photos of me and my friends swimming I this exact spot. The kids loved it. Diego wanted to be in the water every second. Callie and I swam out to the buoys and back. Papa Ed even caught a fish in the little kids nets. They played in the sand and had a great time with Gabriella.
Before the beach trip we made a quick outing to the organic farm to get milk and eggs and Callie got to see the cows, chickens and ducks. It wasn't as fun as the beach but a good distraction while we waited for D to wake up to go to the beach. 
Tonight GiJ had both kids with Marge and Jon while we went to the casino with my uncles and grandparents. Nobody left a real winner but we sure had fun. I have more photos from Marge and Jons visit but not on my phone so I'll save those for tomorrow.

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