Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Busy day

Our day of nearly no plans got very busy quickly :) it was supposed to rain but held off all day and we squeezed in a LOT of fun.
In the morning I took the kids to catch up with my childhood friends and their kids. Nicole and Gabriella had is over to play and Callie and G had the best time together. They are a year apart but Gabriella can talk a lot so they played really well together. Diego also had company as Danielle came with her baby and her nephew. I haven't seen Danielle in about 10 years. We grew up together and were so close all through elementary school. It was great to catch up and get all the kids together.
Then after nap time we went to Barbara's house to see their new pony Buddy. He is so adorable! And now Callie is getting bigger she can actually ride. She didn't ride too long but had a good time anyways riding and feeding the horses. Barbara and Jerry are always so gracious to let us come and use their barn and horses. Diego wasn't too thrilled by riding the horse but he liked it enough to see them and touch them. He enjoyed the tractor much more.
In the afternoon GaGa and Ashley came for dinner and played some more all the way til bedtime. Callie had her first experience with sparklers and it was fun even though it wasn't that dark out yet. It was a busy day but we sure had fun!

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