Saturday, June 22, 2013

San Diego County Fair

The San Diego county fair is a big deal around here. It comes for one month and takes over Del Mar fairgrounds and racetrack. It's HUGE! For me it's very different from a fair from home as it is missing tractor pulls and lots of livestock. They did have a petting zoo and some animals for viewing. Callie enjoyed the petting zoo and looking at the farm animals. She also enjoyed A LOT the butterfly garden. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo with the butterflies but she was so cute. They give you a qtip to dip in nectar and then feed and hold them using the q tip. I showed Callie one time how its done and then she was doing it and getting her own butterfly! She was amazed just watching the butterfly standing so close to her hand. She did not like the carousel even though I thought she would. Once it started going she cried and Enrique had to hold her for most of the ride. I did get one happy shot. She shared a giant grilled turkey leg with me that was delicious and enjoyed all the hot tub displays, especially this one with the shooting water.
She got so tired there she actually fell asleep in her stroller which is a first! We had a great day but now even I am tired from all that walking. Ill have more photos tomorrow but these are the ones from my cell phone.

If you notice how cute Callie is in her new glasses.... Jeana got Callie her first pair of real sunglasses! RayBans too! Fancy! And I also have new sunglasses thanks to Jeana :) thanks a bunch we love you and the glasses too

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