Sunday, June 23, 2013

Miss Independent

Marge bought Callie these adorable pajamas that say Miss Independent. Boy if she only knew how accurate she was! Callie is really into the I can do it myself phase and never wants help. The worst is when we are out in a parking lot or near a street and she refuses to hold my hand. I keep telling her about being safe around cars and holding mamas hand but she throws a temper tantrum and just sits down. Then I have to pick her up and carry her and she is mad and wants to get down. I continue to be stubborn and don't give in and hopefully soon she will get the point that she has to hold my hand or be carried.
She only needs you to show something once to her and ten she can repeat it. Today I turned her water bottle upside down and started shaking t to get her napkin wet for cleaning her face and now she wants to dump the water and rub it with a napkin. Oh jeez I better be careful what I say and do because she is a little imitator.
She is learning to put money in her Elmo bank. Here was her second try.

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