Saturday, June 25, 2016

Yard Sales and Water fights

Callie has been waiting for Saturday to go to Yard sales. Now don't get me wrong she doesn't like the driving around part, she just loves buying lots of stuff and seeing what she finds. Well today was a jackpot day! She bought a baby bed, baby car seat, baby salon chair, 70 shopkins, Barbies, Elsa and Anna, Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman book and more books, Barbie bunk beds, markers and paper, tiny figurines of all little mermaid, beauty and beast, Cinderella and more. I got two big bags of clothes for the kids, flip flops, two sets of skis (one me and one Callie), a 25' inflatable spider for Diego, magnetic truck books, magnetic science game. We had lots of fun and filled the car with stuff.
In the afternoon we had a giant water fight with water ballons, water guns, squirt guns and a sprinkler pumper. Everyone was soaked. Callie had a blast but Diego hated it and wanted to go back inside.

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