Saturday, June 4, 2016

Diegos day at Children's Museum

I've been waiting over a month to get the library free pass to the children's museum to check it out. Well I finally got it and now Callies been "sick". She says she is sick but she really doesn't seem very sick. Anyways I only have it for a few days and Callie refused to go yesterday and today. So I resorted to taking Diego and leaving Callie home with Juan.
It was a good time! Callie would have really liked it if she went and Diego had a fun time. I didn't take too many photos but Diegos favorite things were the car ramps and the car-eoke (karaoke inside a car) where you sing inside a car. There were actually a lot of cool things to do. So many good things I may try to take both kids Monday before I have to return the pass. Here's a few not very clear photos of Diego at the museum.

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