Thursday, June 30, 2016

Callie & Gabriella

These two are just great playmates. They have so much fun together and really get into shenanigans. Callie is a little over a year older than G as we affectionately call her but she sure can keep up. Today we went to the beach at the lake in my hometown, Amos Lake, and swam and played. Later we went out to dinner and the playground in Stonington Borough and then stopped at G's grandmas to see their new RV. Boy was Callie excited and her and G got to playing again.
Diego still isn't walking on his foot but today I put the splint on with a big sock to give him a little protection and confidence to try. He does better with the splint. I'm waiting on a walking boot from Amazon but of course when you really need something the 1 day shipping fails :( damn Amazon letting me down.

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