Saturday, April 28, 2012

Visiting the Chavez Family

All of the family was dying to meet little miss Callie, but I hadn't been feeling up to having visitors yet after a rough week of recuperating.  Luckily my amazing mother in law came to the rescue and threw an impromptu get together at her house so everyone could meet Callie.  I got to show up with the baby and just rest on the couch while she played hostess and everyone got to pass Callie around and meet her.  It was great to see Callie with all the family, especially her visit with her Great Grandpa.  He was so excited about meeting her and after seeing us open a piggie bank gift from Tio Ricardo he pulled out his wallet and gave Callie her first money for her piggie bank!  It was so cute. Here are the photos of her and the family. 
Tia Mari and Tia Norma

 Juan and Tia Lupe
 Great Grandpa Nacho
 Tio Bogar
 Tio Ricardo
 Auntie Jeana
 Tio Tury
 Tia Eliana (Callie's #1 Aunt)
First Family Photo
It was Chargers Draft day so we all had our Chargers gear on.  Callie had on her first Chargers shirt too, but it got hidden in all the photos.

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