Saturday, April 28, 2012

GG Patiently Waiting

GG came rushing out before Callie's due date when the doctor said I would deliver within the week.  I assured my mom I was feeling fine and I didn't think she would be here very soon, but she insisted and flew out the next day. Of course Callie did not cooperate and was no where in sight.  We waited and waited and kept busy.  It was so great to spend all that time with my mom but I was anxious for Callie to come before she had to leave.  Luckily Callie decided it was time just 3 days before she had to go back to CT.  My mom was able to be there for her birth to support me and just to witness the birth of her first grandchild.  We were thrilled to have her there with us and to have her be able to meet her right away.  We were also thankful to have her the first few nights when we were so exhausted a helping hand to hold and comfort her in the middle of the night was great.  GG had to leave the morning after we went home from the hospital and it was a teary goodbye for me and GG.  We can't wait for her to come back and visit with Grandpa Ed in May.

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