Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Callie's Nursery

I spent a lot of time planning and designing Callie's nursery.  I wanted it to be extra special and something that was really original.  I didn't want to buy much pre-made so I found a fabric I loved and designed the whole room around that.  It was a ton of work, but I am so happy with the outcome. So many people helped contribute which makes it even more personal.
I sewed the quit, pillow covers, sheets, and curtains all from the fabric. Thanks to GG (Grandma Gladue) for sewing the pillow and bed skirt. GG and Papa Ed also got us the crib, glider, and rug.

I also decided I wanted to keep going with my clay flower theme from my wedding and have 3D clay flowers throughout the room.  It all started with the tree idea.  Jeana (future Auntie) hand drew and painted this gorgeous tree on the wall for us. She is so talented.  :)
Then I went to work creating hundreds of flowers and leaves by hand to cover the branches.
I created a small basket of flowers to put up on the corner shelves we needed for the video monitor just to tie it all together.
I also wanted some sort of antique touch. Great grandparents Pa & Kay gave us cash to purchase whatever we needed and I fell in love with an antique dresser. Only problem was that it had ugly handles and was stained an orange brown. Lucky for me, Grandpa Enrique took it home and returned it looking gorgeous with my new hydrangea knobs!

Also, I told him we needed a bookshelf for all the books GG and I have been collecting.  Obviously Callie is going to be one smart cookie! Enrique decided that she needed a special book shelf to go with the dresser and created this masterpiece himself!

I took the liberty to add the wood letters and all the clay flowers to keep going with the same theme.
So that this is a keepsake for years to come we wanted to track her height as well, so we made the side a measuring tape of sorts where we can mark her height.
A few finishing touches just to tie it all back together (more clay flowers of course).
We all love it!  Including L.T.! He wants to hang out in there all the time.
Well that's it!  Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this amazing nursery.  Hopefully, Callie will sleep in it soon.


  1. It's beautiful Rach. You are so very talented. Callie is so blessed and already so loved. Can't wait for you to meet her. Love u guys!

  2. Love the whole thing. She is one blessed little girl with a very thoughtful family. Griffin cannot wait to meet his girlfriend this summer.

  3. Rachael, the nursery is beautiful! Callie is so lucky to have such a wonderful Mommy! Can't wait for her arrival! Love you!


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