Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Christmas Giving 2016

Christmas is about giving.... and for me giving to those truly in need. That's why my family has decided not to buy each other any gifts. Instead of the adults trading gifts we choose a charity each year and all contribute to that cause. This year was my turn and I chose Urban Refuge who helps people who have found themselves homeless in our local area.
We had a blast collecting this huge mound of items to giveaway for their annual Christmas dinner. Then Callie and I got a chance to volunteer at the event this past Saturday. It was truly a privilege to serve dinner to the over 150 people who attended. This was Callie's first time to volunteer and I could see the impact it had on her. I hope to inspire her to always help those less fortunate and can't wait until next years charity choice.
A big thanks to my whole family for helping make this years giving a big success!

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