Saturday, October 15, 2016

Halloween Carnival

Somehow I managed to get zero photos at Juans birthday yesterday! 8i can't even believe it. Yikes!

But today I got some photos at the Halloween Carnival at Dimitris school. This is the second time we've done this Carnival and it's serious. It caters to elementary age but they even have a whole section for littler kids. Callie rocks the games that have throwing. She was a champ and won at ping pong in water cups, knock the cat off the fence, and spider toss.

This year the kids wanted to brave the haunted hallway aka haunted house. Bad idea... I thought it would be tame because it's an elementary school but nope it was pretty darn scary. I was yelling out two very small scared kids coming through take it easy but many of the kids were still quite aggressive in their scare tactics. Others took off their masks and showed them it was ok just pretend which was great but they were super scared. We shall see if nightmares come tonight.

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