Monday, September 5, 2016

Hanging on

Still battling sickness. Diego actually seems worse today :( 
I took out my nice camera to take some photos of Callie with her butterflies released today but they were so ready to fly away as soon as we opened the cage they flew out! No holding these ones on your hand. They were so fast we couldn't do anything with them. So instead since camera in hand I took a few of them in their hanging skills. Callie stayed for 11 seconds today! And Diego was more concerned about his new shoes. His forst pair of Jordan's make him feel pretty cool.
We have two chrysalis left to hatch and then that's it for our butterfly season.
Yesterday we had two emerge that were deformed. I had a bad feeling about them before as their chyrsalises were misshapen. I hoped they would emerge ok but nope. They came out and fell from hanging multiple times and could not be saved. One was with a badly mangled wing and the other just couldn't use its legs to stand or hold on. This is likely from a parasite they got eating milkweed and happens. Callie and I tried to make a positive out of a negative (she cried they were going to die). We humanly euthanized them by placing in the freezer. We are keeping the less malformed one and mounting it in a shadow box for the wall. Creepy or cool? I liked the idea and so did Callie.

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