Monday, March 21, 2016

We got worms

The garden which I still need to write about got worms today. I'll hold off on the construction and telling you all about the garden for another day. Today was about worms. We bought red wiggler worms for the garden and built a worm tube for composting and feeding the worms right in the garden. Callie and D finally got over their fear of worms and held them in their hands. Callie insisted we wash the dirt off them first so she could see them. Once cleaned off though both kids were willing to hold them. We put 300 in my little organic garden and I'm hoping they stay alive and do their job.
Diego is really starting to put together words and phrases and today he topped it all off after dinner when he spilled ice cream on his shirt by saying "what happened me"? It was too cute and he repeated it more than once. Poor guy didn't like ice cream on his shirt.

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